Best of Meet the Farmer TV Part 1

In this episode of the Best of MTFTV, one of the stories features a segment that inspired a viewer. We are running a lower third crawl reading: “Update: A viewer in Appleton Wi. saw this story on Free Speech TV. She was inspired, and wrote us an email thanking us for our show. She made the same thing happen in several farmer markets in her community. We encourage you to do the same to encourage healthier food for all.”

This is really huge that this happened. It quantifies the reason we do Meet The Farmer TV. I found minutes from a democratic club in Appleton, Wi. to confirm the story. We even spoke with this viewer and others in her community in hope to do some interviews to tell this fantastic story for all of us and to inspire others to do the same. The original email is available upon request from the viewer. (Just let us know).

Having worked in both noncommercial and commercial broadcast TV since 1982, I know that 1 letter from one viewer, represents many more, who feel the same and have not taken the time to write. We believe and hope that this is true in that, others have also been inspired by the replicable examples we show on MTFTV via FSTV, other TV stations and these websites, in that they have replicated some of these things in their communities and have just not taken the time to tell us (write us).  Frank@MeetTheFarmer.TV