Local Food Hub

A prototype organization is up and running in Central Virginia.  The Local Food Hub is a non-profit service organization located in the Piedmont of Central Virginia.  Read more below, and please visit their website, blog and connect with them on Facebook.

 Their mission is to strengthen and secure the future of a healthy regional food supply by providing small local farmers with concrete services that support and advance their economic vitality and promote stewardship of the land.  Their goal is to increase the amount of fresh, locally grown food available to our community.  They aim to expand the socio-economic profile of consumers of locally produced foods to include currently under-served populations.   They are a local food wholesale distribution hub with an outfitted warehouse located in Ivy, Virginia that moves local products to grocery stores, schools, senior facilities and restaurants.  They are working with City of Charlottesville Schools, Albemarle County Schools, and area private schools to provide our children with much needed fresh fruit and vegetables for their snack programs along with educational materials promoting healthful eating.  They are an informational hub that provides networking resources to actively engage our community and make productive use of its time and energy.  They have an educational farm in Louisa County, where they host educational outreach programs to the youth in the area, as well as interested adults.  Their workshops introduce children and adults to basic farming methods and season specific growing topics.  They also use this farm to host additional workshops for our Partner Producers in the off-season.  They coordinate charitable food donations from citizen gardeners and farmers and deliver this fresh product to the organizations that feed our populations in need.  They are making an immediate and on-the-ground impact for both food producers and those who wish to be more active with the local food movement.  They know that the best way to preserve farmland is to help make it profitable.  With the Local Food Hub, farmers will save time and money through access to reliable, on-the-ground production, transportation, storage and marketing services that will strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of small farms.   They know that what we eat and where it comes from is important to our environmental, physical, and economic health.  By supporting their small farmers and food producers they are helping to secure the future of our food, our culture and our agricultural heritage.  
Contact Them  (434) 244-FARM (3276)
Or you can send an email for general information to:   info@localfoodhub.org    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   Click here to visit their blog!

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