2009 Mid-Atlantic Grass Finished Livestock Conference

2009 Mid-Atlantic Grass Finished Livestock Conference in Staunton VA, Topics include: forage systems for grass finishing, alternative marketing outlets, small scale processing facilities, meat cutting and cooking demonstration, building healthy grazing systems, supplementation in pasture finishing, factors affecting meat quality, genetics for grass finishing, and marketing: a success story from North Carolina. Speakers include: Anibal Pordomingo, Denise Mainville, Joe Cloud, Ed Rayburn, John Andrae, Susan Duckett, Jeremy Engh, V. Mac Baldwin, local artisans. Includes tour of Joel Salatins Polyface Farm! for more info go to: http://info.ag.vt.edu/vaes/arec.cfm?webname=blackstone or   http://vaforages.org

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