Connecting The Local Food Dots

One of the interviews on this episode is with Homegrown Virginia, who helps you support both your local farmers and your local food producers by stocking your pantry with locally grown and locally produced, non-perishable foods.  Contact information:  Also please check out the organizers of the “Connecting the Local Food Dots Day”: Market Central:

To look further at the potential impact we as individuals have on the economy, let’s look at a recent study by Matt Benson. The report showed that, “…in Virginia, we produce $2.9 billion dollars annually in sales from agricultural production. Of which 1% or $29 million dollars is from direct farmer-to-consumer sales.  If each household in Virginia were to spend only $10 per week on local food, it would directly generate over $1.65 billion dollars in economic activity for our local agricultural and rural economies.  It would also add to the agricultural economy an additional 57% in revenues (compared to the $2.9 billion).  So you see, buying local can have a significant impact.”          – Matt Benson    At the time this study was made, Matt Benson was a Community Viability Specialist with Virginia Cooperative Extension.