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Seeking the deeper values and hidden benefits of local food..

Welcome to Meet The Farmer TV! We will show you how you can support local food systems and benefit personally as well as enhancing your community and our environment. We will examine the special relationships that develop between the growers and the chefs and the consumers. By searching through the steps and the interactions of all the factors involved in bring Food from The Farm to the Plate we hope to show the deeper values and hidden benefits of supporting your local food systems.

When we vist an operation to film their unique participation in the local food community, we want to leave them with some methods or tools of empowerment to succeed. Perhaps just getting the word out and telling their story. In many cases we assist by creating web sites and connecting consumers and producers, even assisting in finding the tools and methods to enhance their operation. We work closely with promoting food safety and have projects in the works to assist local small operations in creating in house testing and verification of their GAP and HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) programs to ensure each produces the highest quality and safest food possible.

Check back often as we create training and information videos here in addition to our weekly episode of Meet The Farmer TV.